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Most of UK want out of EU

In light of the significant ramifications of the ongoing Eurozone crisis it perhaps seems unsurprising that some countries outside the 17 nation currency bloc are becoming disenchanted with the European Union.

The issue of whether membership is helpful or harmful to countries individual economies is becoming particularly dominant in the UK.

In recent month those members of the Conservative party who feel Britain would benefit from bowing out of the EU have been upping the pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron.

This week German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the British PM to urge him to fight against general Conservative opinion and help keep the UK part of the EU. Merkel’s unexpected actions came immediately before her meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss the EU budget – a source of unease for many British politicians.

Although Cameron has argued that remaining part of the Union will best serve Britain’s interests it seems his voters don’t agree.

YouGov compiled a survey on the controversial issue and the results are conclusive. Of those 1,637 British adults surveyed only 28 per cent said they would vote to stay in the EU if a referendum on the issue came about.

49 per cent of survey participants would opt to leave whilst the remaining 17 per cent were undecided.

The surveyed British public were also overwhelming pessimistic about the EU’s prospects, 65 per cent viewed the EU’s future in negative terms while just 22 per cent saw the EU progressing positively.

Tellingly, 45 per cent of participants felt Britain exerted little influence over European affairs. Less than a third of those involved felt Britain played a part in European decision making.

These results tally with this year’s rise in the poll ratings of the UK Independence Party. Ukip leader Nigel Farage spoke out against Cameron’s European stance stating: ‘It is clearer and clearer that the people of this country want out of the European Union. The 49 per cent are not looking for Cameron’s renegotiations and a punt into the long grass. They want out.’

Although Cameron would not sanction a referendum on Britain leaving the EU he has said that working on changes regarding the terms of Britain’s membership is a possibility.


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