Euro Exchange Rate News is a site dedicated to monitoring the latest movements in the currency market, with a special emphasis on how the Euro (EUR) is performing against rivals like the Pound (GBP), US Dollar (USD) and Australian Dollar (AUD).


As well as up-to-date news and regularly updated exchange rate information, Euro Exchange Rate News forecasts potential future Euro movement based on recent and upcoming events.


The Euro is one of the most actively traded currencies within the foreign currency market, with the EUR/USD currency pair being the world’s most traded. With many people either living in Europe or having personal or business ties with the region, staying informed of the latest developments is crucial. Without some knowledge of what’s going on in the currency market you can’t manage an international money transfer effectively and you run the risk of losing out on making a transfer at the most opportune time.


All our market news and currency reports are produced by foreign exchange experts who study market movements and exchange rate trends all day, every day. The aim of our authors is to provide you with the latest market information and future currency predictions so you can understand what to expect from the markets, freeing you up to take a proactive approach to your currency transfers.