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"EUR/NZD" Exchange Rate News


When moving money to New Zealand you can get more Dollars for your Euros by securing a better EUR/NZD exchange rate. Find out how much your transfer could be worth by getting a free quote.

Like the Euro to Australian Dollar exchange rate, shifts in the Euro to New Zealand Dollar (EUR/NZD) currency pair are often caused by commodity price fluctuations.

Dairy produce is New Zealand’s key commodity so rising dairy prices tend to bolster the New Zealand Dollar while falling values often send NZD trending lower.

Anyone with an interest in the Euro to New Zealand Dollar (EUR/NZD) exchange rate should also focus on economic news from Australia and China, two of New Zealand’s main trading partners.

While the Euro’s relationship with the New Zealand Dollar has been less tempestuous than against a number of its other currency counterparts in recent years, the EUR/NZD exchange rate has still moved between highs of 2.5531 and lows of 1.4007. This dramatic shift would have meant the difference of NZ$115,240 on a €100,000 currency transfer.