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Greece’s Golden Dawn Declares war on the Media

The Fascist Golden Dawn party remain defiant despite the barrage of criticism and condemnation they have received after their spokesman attacked two female MPs live on morning television.

The party has released a statement stating that they will embargo all media outlets accusing the world’s media of waging a war of propaganda against their party. Ilias Kasidiaris attacked the KKE MP Liana Kaneli, striking her twice in the face and attempting to strike her a third time. He also threw water over the Syriza representative Rena Dourou.

That statement in full:

“Over the years, reporters from all television stations, along with representatives from the established political system, have slandered Golden Dawn. So there is little to surprise us as to the way they handled the unfortunate incident during the Papadakis show. But before we comment on that, we would like to announce to the Greek people that we are from now on turning our back on all media outlets, before they turn their backs on us. We don’t need them. We have half a million Greeks on our side, who mean much more to us than the mouthpieces of a sinful establishment, who are just as much to blame for the bankruptcy and current state of our people as those that they represent!

Golden Dawn now launches an embargo on all television stations and newspapers, in order to better illustrate the dirty game they are playing against us. A common characteristic of all interviews of Golden Dawn members, is the fact that most reporters were hostile towards them, attempting to promote their propaganda against our party and not do their job, which is to inform the Greek people.

So we urge them to continue doing what they have, which is to talk and slander us, without offering us the chance to answer, because they will get their answer when the Greek people vote on June 17.

Concerning the incident on the Papadakis show on Ant1 TV, we want to diligently point out, what all the channels are hiding. Liana Kaneli was the first to get up and physically attack our party spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, hitting him with a pack of papers. This much is clear in the video. No one saw this however, not even the justice system which has issued a warrant of arrest for our party member. And of course no one heard Kaneli swearing and shouting “fascists”. Is no there no legal procedure, no arrest warrant for any of that?

Golden Dawn will continue their struggle for a strong nationalist front that will stand against everyone and of course against the Marx orphans, who rule over the television channels and play their own game of filthy propaganda. If you want us to condemn our fellow member for a truly unfortunate incident, then you should first condemn the verbal and physical attack of Ms Kaneli, otherwise you are nothing but sad hypocrites, hired to do a dirty job. Your wage was well earned! On June 17, the people will talk and they will judge you”.

Despite the statements defiant tone the voters of Greece have openly expressed their disgust over the incident, if any sanity remains in Greece then it will be the fascist thugs of the Golden Dawn that will be judged.

An Israeli journalist was beaten by a group of masked youths.Gil Shefler, a reporter with the Jerusalem Post who was in Greece on assignment had been taking photo’s of the national museum when he noticed a number of migrants fleeing from a gang of twenty masked men wielding clubs.

 When the mob began beating the migrants, Shefler said he “instinctively I took out my camera. I snapped a photo and one guy came up and told me ‘Listen, don’t take a photo. They’ll beat the hell out of you.Seconds later, I was being chased by five of these people. They caught me and beat me with sticks for around five minutes, I reckon.”
He said the beating only stopped when his assailants  appeared to have a discussion over his bloodied body on whether it was right to have attacked him. Shefler, who suffered a gash to the head in the attack, said the mob – who were wearing motorbike helmets, masks or scarfs – went about its business without a care in the world.
“They weren’t worried about anything. And for good reason, as the police did not show up until about 20 minutes later,” he said.
He said an ambulance arrived on the scene some minutes beforehand but could not treat him as the mob were still milling around leisurely with sticks.
Incidents of racism and violence against migrants are on the rise in Greece with many of the attacks being blamed on Golden Dawn members.Such incidents of violence are becoming more and more common in the embattled nation that has seen it’s economy  devastated by the euro crisis and the tough austerity measures imposed by the government and Brussels.


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