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Pound sterling soars to highs against the Euro and Dollar

  The pound has risen to multi month highs today against several of the key currencies, despite the UK being in recession. The continuing troubles in the Eurozone and the softening of the US dollar have made the pound an attractive safe haven [...]

Austerity claims another government

A backlash seems to be gathering apace against austerity after the Romanian government lost a vote of no confidence earlier today causing its Prime Minister Mihai Razvan Ungureanu to resign. The government lost the vote after 235 lawmakers [...]

The pain in Spain is getting worse

Spain’s economic situation worsened today after the credit ratings agency Standards and Poor reduced the encumbered country’s credit rating by two points. The move could not have come at a worse time as it is expected to force up the cost [...]

The Sterling Exchange Rate Love Affair Continues Despite Poor UK GDP Figures

The Pound has recovered exceedingly well from yesterday’s damagingly weak Q1 GDP figures and has even reached a fresh 7-month high of 1.6206 against the US Dollar. It appears that investors are either distrustful towards the suspiciously [...]

Britain back in Recession

News released earlier today has shown that the UK is officially back in a state of recession sparking a sharp decline in the Pound. The news means that Britain is facing its first double dip recession since the 1970’s. The GDP figures for [...]

The Euro Exchange Rate climbed yesterday from its 20-month low after successful debt auctions in Holland and France

The euro climbed yesterday from the 20 month low it registered against the pound on Monday after the markets reacted positively to better than expected bond auction results from Holland and France following the difficult day the euro experienced [...]

Will the Euro crisis claim another political scalp?

The bad news keeps coming from the Euro zone today as the crisis threatens to claim another political victim in the form of Czech Republic Prime Minister Petr Necas and his government. Calls for a vote of no confidence have been made after [...]

Austerity argument drags Netherlands into the Eurozone crisis

A disagreement between the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the leader of his coalition partner Geert Wilders of the Freedom paty has cast doubt over the country’s Austerity plans and triple A credit rating. The Dutch Prime Minister [...]

French Presidential Elections: Part Two – Interesting Facts and Figures about Francois Hollande

Socialist and Left Radical Party candidate for the 2012 French Presidential Election ‘Bond Vigilantes’ – M&G’s Bond Experts described Francois Hollande, the French socialist widely tipped to beat Nicolas Sarkozy in the 2012 presidential [...]

French Presidential Elections: Nicolas Sarkozy vs. Francois Hollande

Nicolas Sarkozy continues to lag behind socialist rival Francois Hollande in the exit polls, despite recent attempts to claw back the trust of French expats living abroad. The latest Ipsos poll released today gives Hollande the lead by 29% [...]