Euro Exchange Rate News (EERN) specialises in providing the most up-to-date news on the euro exchange rate markets.


Ollie Carpenter

With several years of experience in the financial sector, Ollie has a real eye for detail and appreciation for the interconnectivity of currency, bond and stock markets. While his main area of expertise is foreign exchange, Ollie also has an interest in travel and travel writing.

Louisa Heath

After graduating from her English with Creative Writing degree course at Falmouth University, Louisa took a few years out before entering the world of foreign exchange and currency analysis. She now spends her time monitoring exchange rate volatility and reporting the latest news both online and in print.

Oliver Meredew

Oliver studied in Portsmouth and began writing about currency soon after completing his degree. He currently writes for a number of online publications, including Euro Exchange Rate News. Oliver’s constant tracking of the foreign currency market gives him the knowledge to understand what drives exchange rate movements and report on market shifts.

Rewan Tremethick

Rewan is a Cornwall-based copywriter with a particular interest in foreign exchange. After several years as a freelance writer he was engaged by a leading international payments provider to write news updates for several of its websites.